A crack localization method for beams via an efficient static data based indicator



In this paper, a crack localization method for Euler-Bernoulli beams via an efficient static data based indicator is proposed. The crack in beams is simulated here using a triangular variation in the stiffness. Static responses of a beam are obtained by the finite element modeling. In order to reduce the computational cost of damage detection method, the beam deflection is fitted through a polynomial function using a limited number of nodal displacements. A damage indicator based on static responses obtained for healthy and damaged structure is proposed to identify the damage. Three test examples including a simply supported beam, an overhanging beam and an indeterminate beam are considered. The influence of many parameters may affect the efficiency of the method such as the number of elements, the value, type and location of applied load as well as the noise effect is investigated. Numerical results show that, the locations of single and multiple damage cases having different characteristics can be well determined by the method proposed.